Design Your Own Custom Plastic Sterilization Tray

Easily customize PST brand Sterilization Trays by putting together lids, bases, silicone bars and mats. You can create your custom palstic sterilization by following steps:

For Micro Surgical Instruments (No Scopes)

1. First find the length and quantities of the instruments you want to place in plastic sterilization tray

2. Now, Ideally get all the instruments you want to fit in a tray and arrange them next to each other such that they are close but not touching each other. This entire arrangement should be rectangular shape. 

3. Now Look at the list of all the different sizes trays we have with silicone mats to see which one fits close to your arrangement 

4. Now take measurement of that Tray and see if your arrangement falls within that dimension

5. Place the order for your tray. If you find that tray is not right size no worries we can take them back within 30 days unused you only pay return shipping.

For Scopes And Other Instruments That Need Silicone Bars

1. Find the length and number of the scopes you want to fit in the tray

2. First check this list of scope trays here to see which size tray would fit all the scopes and try to arrange them in that size rectangle. Take a picture

3. Visit PST Replacement Parts section of store

4. First add the tray lid and base on the tray size you selected. Then select the right size silicone bar that would fit your scope by going though the list and images of the silicone bars. Please make sure you look the height of the bars and ensure that it will fit the height of tray you are purchasing. 

5. Kindly, do not purchase at this point. Please email us the image of the configuration you took and the list of the tray parts that you plan to purchase so that we can check the configuration and help you identify any potential fit issues. 

6. Now you can purchase these parts and create your custom plastic sterilization tray using genuine PST components that are made in USA.