Different Types And Sizes Of Sterilization Trays And Replacement Parts

Sterilization trays are used to protect surgical instruments by sterilizing it using ethylene gas or steam. There are two types of sterilization trays: aluminum and plastic.

Plastic trays are cheaper and reliable when compared to aluminum. There are different types of sterilization trays. They are:

  • Micro Sterilization Trays
  • Small Sterilization Trays
  • Long Sterilization Trays
  • Medium Sterilization Trays
  • Large Sterilization Trays
  • Extra large Sterilization Trays

These types also come in different sizes eg. Micro (1.5”x2.7”x0.75”, 1.5”x2.7”x1.0”, 1.5”x2.7”x1.25”). They are made of high quality polymer. The replacement parts are also available such as:

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Aluminum Sterilization Trays Types & Sizes




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