How New Advanced Design Sterilization Trays Can Save You Time & Money

Today we will look into new Plastic Sterilization Trays which has some new advanced features which can save your sterilization department both time & money by increasing efficiency.

Lets first look at what these sterilization trays are made of. Raw materials used in these trays is Ultem® which increases the strength of trays which directly increases the durability as a result you get better return on your investment.

Next look at some of the other basic features which are not new but important in any sterilization tray. One they are stackable. If you run a large busy surgery center or clinic then space can be a constraint for large number of trays you have so making sure that they stack can save you a lot of space. Second, Transparent screen. It is very helpful to see whats inside without opening them which adds to efficiency as well.

Finally lets looks at what makes these new wide slot lids and raised nodes special. These new features help you two things circulation of steam and aid in drying. Circulation of steam is important in making sure that your sterilization process works as designed. More open area for drying can make drying quicker which can also add to your efficiency especially when you are busy and using your instruments very frequently. Studies show that These feature  provides 119% increase in the circulation opening surface over competitors tray. 



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