What Makes the Plastic Sterilization Trays Ideal for Storing the Delicate Surgical Instruments?

For the utmost safety of surgical instruments, the plastic sterilization trays are the best by all standards. The flexible layout of these trays offers ideal structural reliability, thereby, guaranteeing maximum space usage and an extended number of sterilization cycles.

The sterilization process aims at eradicating all the malicious causes including virus and bacteria that are injurious to the human body. It plays a dynamic part in the varied aspects of life, especially during the surgery, which comprises usage of different clinical equipment. Any device that is used while operating any part your body must essentially be sanitized to avert any sort of infections and the plastic sterilization trays are one of the most sought after amidst the range of sterilization trays

The plastic sterilization trays-

  • Are highly durable
  • Offers easy view of the content through the transparent lid
  • Comprises tray layer and mat layer ensuring dual protection
  • Have slots in the lid that helps in the drying process
  • Supports high-temperature sterilization
  • Offers easy installation of mats due to the unique grid system in all trays, bases, and lids
  • Contains mats that do not stick due to pebble like surface
  • Have both single and double level trays available for various quantities of instruments

Whether transportation, storage, washing, or sterilization, the plastic trays are designed with the silicon pin mats that helps in organizing and protecting the instruments kept within the tray. The plastic sterilization trays have slotted and punctured base with a transparent lid which helps in steam circulation during sterilization. Removing the silicon mat is easy due to the raised nodes at the base. These sterilization trays are well-suited with gas and steam plasma sterilization.        

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