FAQ On Compatibility of PST® Corp's Trays with Sterrad® Sterilization System & Gas plasma sterilization

Here are FAQ responses from PST Corp Regarding Sterrad* Sterilization System & Gas plasma sterilization systems

1. FAQ Regarding Sterrad* Sterilization System Compatability

Many of our customers are asking us about the compatibility of PST Brand instrument trays with the Sterrad®* Sterilization System.

PST® instrument trays are manufactured with a high-temperature medical grade plastic. The technical name for this material is polysulfone. Although no specific studies have been done to validate the use of our instrument trays with the Sterrad® system, Advanced Sterilization Products does list polysulfone as a compatible material on their Web site.

The chart of Sterrad compatiblilty material can be viewed at http://www.sterrad.com/products_&_services/compatibility/healthcare/material_compatibility/sterrad.asp

Moreover, we are not aware, nor have we received any complaints about the performance or compatibility of PST products with gas plasma technology.

2. FAQ Regarding Plasma Sterilization Compatability

ASP (Advanced Sterilization Products, Johnson & Johnson manufacturer of Plasma (peroxide) Sterilizers) will only validate their own trays for use in their system.  However, it is well known in this country (USA) that most of the trays/mats manufactured by the major tray suppliers will work without incident. Many companies use PST® trays and silicone mats in the plasma sterilization system and have found no cause for concern.

The real issue with the use of any tray or mat in the plasma sterilization systems is whether the materials placed in the chamber will abort the sterilization cycle.  If the cycle is aborted because of materials that interfere with the process, then, of course, the materials must be removed. But if the cycle is completed with no alarm, the material has not interfered with the process.


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