Instruction for Use for Steribest Plastic Sterilization Trays

Instructions for Use for Steribest Brand Plastic Sterilization Trays

  1. The SteriBest Instrument Tray and mat should be cleaned prior to first accordance with the cleaning instructions below.

  2. Configure the tray and mat properly to accommodate the instruments that will be sterilized. The mat should be used to help stabilize, separate, and protect instruments. Instruments should be arranged in a single layer with adequate spacing to prevent them from contacting each other.

  3. An approved sterility assurance device (i.e. Multiparameter chemical indicator) should be placed inside and on each level of the tray in a location easily visible to the user.

  4. Cover the tray with the lid and press down until the side tabs click shut, securing the lid.

  5. Wrap the SteriBest tray with an approved non-woven textile wrap.

  6. The tray(s)should always be placed flat on the sterilizer rack prior to sterilization. Stacking of trays inside the autoclave chamber is not recommended.

  7. Sterilize the loaded wrapped tray(s) in accordance with the instrument device manufacturer’s guidelines for Pre-Vacuum steam sterilization.

Cleaning Instructions

After each use, all components of the SteriBest Instrument Tray should be washed in a mild, neutral pH enzymatic detergent. For optimal removal of soil and debris soft sponges and soft cloths can be used to clean the plastic components. Hard to reach places such as between the pins on the mat can be cleaned using a soft bristled brush. Abrasive cleaning chemicals, brushes, or pads should not be used.

  1. After cleaning with detergent, the tray should be washed thoroughly with warm tap water for at least one minute. A soft absorbent towel should be used to dry the tray. Inspections of components should happen after each cleaning. Inspection should verify cleanliness, lack of damage, and proper function.

  2. This document is intended to be a guide for the application of a sterilization technique for infection control purposes. It is the responsibility of the user to read the instructions thoroughly and perform the infection control techniques correctly. Consult with the device manufacturer for instruction on sterilization procedures for specific instruments.

Sterilization Validation Statement

The SteriBest Instrument Trays have been validated for use in a Pre-Vacuum steam sterilization environment. The validation testing was performed by an independent and fully accredited testing laboratory. For additional information or to request copy of this report please contact your local supplier.

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