PST Instrument Trays 2.5'' W x 6'' L x 0.75'' H (2600A)

by PST Corp
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Plastic Sterilization Tray from PST Corp, a leading American Manufacturer of Instrument Sterilization Trays and Storage.

Made In USA  

Size: 2.5" W x 6.0" L x 0.75" H 

PST Part Number: 2610A

Includes deep base, lid and silicone mat. 

Accommodates 2-3 instruments

These are the features that make PST trays better for sterilizing your surgical instruments.

  • Flexibility of layout. Either finger-tip mats or special, "plug-in" inserts for individual instruments.
  • Unique, "grid" system in all bases, trays and lids, making it easy to install the mat or insert required to protect your instruments properly.
  • Stackable trays. Integral feet in bases and corner ridges on lids allow for easier handling in autoclaves and storage.
  • All bases have pebble-type surface to keep mats from sticking.
  • Dimensions of each tray are designed to accommodate a variety of instrument sizes and shapes.
  • Sterilizable by all standard methods of sterilization (autoclave, steam, dry heat, chemical).
  • Single and double level trays to handle different numbers of instruments. Double level trays come with removable upper-level insert and mat.
  • Molded from General Electric's ULTEM® resin, using mold flow analysis to guarantee product strength, structural integrity and extended life cycle.
  • Shop Replacement Parts (Base, Lid, Mat) For This Tray Here
  • Click here for instructions of use document for this PST Tray
  • Click Here For FAQ regarding Sterrad* & Gas Plasma Sterilization Systems

 *Sterrad is a registered trademark of Advanced Sterilization Products



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristina Knapp (Oceanside, US)
Great tray

Perfect small instrument tray for a suture removal set. Good quality. Thank you for getting it out promptly after I ordered.

Dennis Colon (Winter Springs, US)
The best instrument tray in the market!!!

This is by far the best tray in the market for the line of work that I do. I do hair transplants and the instruments that I use are fine jewelers also known as forceps that are the size of tweezers. This is an amazing tray to store them in Because it protects them from damaging ensuring that my jewelers will not get damage. I know that I will be buying more in the near future.

Yeon Lee (La Mirada, US)
Compact Tray

I am supplying to dental office implant. Sometimes from Doctor of Dentist, I received for Tray to organize the instrumentation of the prosthetic parts. Each time this tray is sized and shaped exactly to the doctor's needs.

James Culey (Mesa, US)
always right

Every time I order for our ASC - PST gets it right

Monica Yanes (Anaheim, US)
Awesome 👌

Loved it, small compact and practical!